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The Ohio Association for College Admission Counseling (OACAC) is partnering with StriveScan to bring our members a Virtual Articulation experience, September 9th and 10th!  We will provide updates related to OACAC and many educational sessions that we know our members value. We look forward to having active members join us at no additional cost.

What can you expect on September 9th and 10th?

Educational Sessions and the Counselor College Fair will be held on both days with new content. Plan to join us!  Member registration is free.  Register for Sept. 9 and Sept. 10 is included!  The Counselor College Fair will also be held both days. The Counselor College Fair registration is now closed.


-Educational Sessions: 10:00 a.m. – 11:45 a.m.

-Virtual College Fair: 1:00 p.m. – 4:45 p.m. (Details below for admission professionals.)

-Sessions will include updates from:  ACT, The College Board, Ohio Department of Education, StriveScan, and Ohio’s public, and 2-year colleges. Topical sessions include college credit plus, financial aid, and “Recruitment during Covid-19”.

For Members Only: following Virtual Articulation 2020, sessions will be made available on the OACAC website as well as PDF access to the very popular 2-year and 4-year public and private Ohio college guidebooks!

Once your membership is active (paid) for 2020-2021 and you are logged-in to your profile on the website, click the link below to register.



-The format consists of six colleges each presenting for six minutes. 

-Representatives will be assigned to a session of six colleges to present together during a webinar session. The session will last a total of 45 minutes. School Counselors and others can interact with the reps from all six colleges throughout the 45-minute session via the Q&A chat.

Example Session
Introduction (1 minute)
College 1 (6 minutes)
College 2 (6 minutes)
College 3 (6 minutes)
College 4 (6 minutes)
College 5 (6 minutes)
College 6 (6 minutes)
Final Q&A (3-5 minutes)

Time Slot Assignments

After college registration closes, OACAC will assign colleges to a specific session time slot and presentation order within that session.

Your time slot assignment and grouping with other colleges are at the sole discretion of OACAC. If you have any special considerations, please note them in the registration form, but accommodations cannot be guaranteed and registration fees are non-refundable. 

Time Commitment

Approximately 60 minutes is expected. Representatives are required to join the webinar 10 minutes prior to the session’s start time for a roll-call and technology check. A StriveScan representative will be on the webinar to check you in and provide assistance.

Representatives are required to stay throughout the entire session, even after your formal presentation is over. School Counselors may ask questions of you throughout the session.


Sessions are hosted via Zoom Webinars. Representatives’ cameras should be on during their presentation. School Counselors and participants will be muted and cameras off to avoid disruptions. School Counselors can interact with representatives from all six colleges throughout the 45-minute session via the Q&A chat.

StriveScan has custom configured its Zoom accounts to help prevent “Zoombombing” and to provide a safe and secure experience.


Each college will have six minutes to present. We encourage you to highlight distinctions about your institution and use slides to provide visuals and campus photos. Each representative will share their own screen and slides when it’s their time. No slide template is provided.

If you have questions about the articulation program or registration contact a volunteer below. Please remember, to access the members only area for registration, membership for each person registering must be valid and paid for 2020-2021.

QUESTIONS? Email one of our fabulous volunteer chairs:

Program: Karen Dickerson,  Co-chair
Cuyahoga Community College

Program: Christine Hubert,  Co-chair
Youngstown State University


Refund Policy 

*Due to this unique partnership, there will be no refunds for the 2020 Virtual Counselor College Fair.  If an OACAC event is canceled by circumstances beyond the control of OACAC – such as acts of God, war, state, local and federal government orders and regulations, disaster, civil disorder, registrant experiences power outages to internet access or lack of internet access, inclement weather or curtailment of transportation facilities – to the extent that such circumstances make it illegal or impossible to allow an OACAC sponsored event to occur or be viewed, the registrant agrees that they will not hold OACAC liable for the cancellation and/or disruption of the program and thereby request a return of any paid fees.