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Annual Conference and GWI



*Note:  the 2020 registrations stay with the institution or person who paid the registration fee not the individual registered – assuming they did not personally pay their own fee.  For example, if University Awesome paid for 4 staff members to attend in 2020, University Awesome has 4 registrations for the 2021 conference.  It will work smoothly if the same people can attend in 2021 but we realize there could be staff turnover or schedule changes. 

Annual Conference is the signature event for the association and includes OACAC’s diversity workshop, Guiding the Way to Inclusion (GWI).  GWI kicks off the conference Sunday afternoon with lively, engaging discussions and continues programming throughout Monday’s educational sessions. Annual Conference 2020 provides an exceptional opportunity to build your professional network and experience learning with others who are passionate about the future of secondary education and post-secondary access. A full line-up of dynamic speakers and presenters are on the slate! Don’t miss their encouraging, enthusiastic, and empowering messages! 

Registrations are still being accepted online.  Please note that orders have been submitted for meals, booklets, etc. We cannot gaurantee a special dietary meal, but we will do our best and believe our menu has a lot of variety! Members must log-in to their OACAC profile to receive the member rate.  Fees include all sessions, refreshments, meals and entertainment!  Rates have now increased by $25.00 so add that to the fee schedule below.


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Refund Policy:
Refunds will be reviewed upon request up to two weeks (14 calendar days) before the day of the event. Requests must be sent via email to Please include an explanation for your request, the payee and USPS address. You may be refunded any monies less any applicable credit-card processing fees if the original payment was by credit card. Refunds may be issued by OACAC check. Refund checks will be issued no sooner than 30 days after the event. If an OACAC event is canceled by circumstances beyond the control of OACAC – such as acts of God, war, government regulations, disaster, civil disorder, inclement weather, sudden outage of electricity or water at the venue, or curtailment of transportation facilities – to the extent that such circumstances make it illegal or impossible to allow an OACAC sponsored event to occur, the registrant agrees that they will not hold OACAC liable for the cancellation and/or disruption of the program and thereby request a return of any paid fees.