College Fairs

OACAC develops a list of approved college fairs on an annual basis in an effort to encourage and support collaboration between public high schools, private schools and communities.  Colleges and universities recognize this as the official list of approved college fairs so they can effectively and efficiently utilize financial and staffing resources to recruit college bound students to their respective universities.  As a member of OACAC, you have exclusive access to the list of approved college fairs.

OACAC also sponsors their own college fairs in conjunction with a committee of high school counselors, college/university representatives and student volunteers.  Members of OACAC receive a reduced registration rate for these college fairs which draw hundreds of students and invite a small region of students.  Click here for a list of those college fairs.

In collaboration with the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC), OACAC is fortunate to host three National College Fairs in Cleveland, Cincinnati and Columbus.  NACAC members receive a reduced rate for these college fairs which draw thousands of students to each site across the state.  

Have questions about OACAC College Fairs?

Rae Ann DiBaggio, Chair
Case Western Reserve University
phone:  (216) 368-6568