The Charles L. Warren Memorial Heritage Scholarship is now open for eligible students to submit.  This scholarship is available to high school seniors who attend schools that have at least one school or college counselor who is a current member of OACAC.  The OACAC Inclusion, Access and Success Committee encourages you to forward the application to deserving students at your high school. The one-time $1,500 scholarship will be awarded to four outstanding high school seniors.

Students from underrepresented populations with a grade point average of a 3.0 or better on a 4.0 scale who are in a college preparatory curriculum are eligible to compete for the scholarship. The students must also plan to attend an Ohio college or university. Applicants must submit a completed application along with their personal statement, high school transcript, and school counselor recommendation (which must be signed by the counselor). Please note that students may also submit a recommendation from a teacher, clergy or someone who has worked with them through a community organization.

2024 Charles L. Warren Memorial Heritage

scholarship application deadline is

Monday, February 5, 2024 at 11:59 PM