Executive Board - OACAC

Executive Board

Executive Board 2019-2020

OACAC Presidential Team

Kristen Dickerson, President

Nancy Gibson, Past-President

Collin Palmer, President Elect









Email the OACAC President: president@oacac.org

Executive Board Delegates and Committee Chairpersons

Delegate – 2019-2022, Courtney Johnson-Benson
Delegate – 2019-2022, Dan Yeatts
Delegate – 2019-2022, Donita Jackson
Delegate – 2018-2021, Ashley Logan
Delegate – 2018-2021, Marcy Ritzert
Delegate – 2018-2021, Becky Reidy
Secretary, Thomas Giles
Treasurer, Kayla Ritter Rickels
Admissions Practices Committee Chair, Bob McCullough
Articulation Committee Chair, Clinton Midkiff
College Fair Calendar Committee Chair, Rae Ann Dibaggio
Community College, Regional Campus, and Transfer Advocacy Committee, Robert Mattaline
Governance Committee Chair ,Tom Fanning
Government Relations Committee Chair, Rob Callahan
Grant Funding Committee Chair, Christopher Cowie
Guiding the Way to Inclusion Co-Chair, Clarissa Beavers
Guiding the Way to Inclusion Co-Chair, Brenda Gerhardt
Inclusion, Access, & Success Committee Co-Chair, Marion Meadows
Inclusion, Access, & Success Committee Co-Chair, Katrina Tijerina
Marketing and Communications Committee Chair, Dustin Dunlavy
Membership Committee Chair, Kaetlynn Wise
Professional Development Committee Chair, Megan Claycomb
Summer Institute Co-Chair, Scott Jackson
Summer Institute Co-Chair, Jake Kos
OACAC Executive Administrator, Lavona See
NACAC Fair–Cincinnati Co-Chair, Ric Stackpole
NACAC Fair–Cincinnati Co-Chair, Nollis Cotrell
NACAC Fair–Cleveland Co-Chair, Mary Grimaldi
NACAC Fair–Cleveland Co-Chair, Amber Wood
NACAC Fair–Columbus Co-Chair, Thomas Giles
NACAC Fair–Columbus Co-Chair, Kathy Moore