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Membership Benefits

Member Benefits!

OACAC is proud to offer grant funding to members ONLY.  A $20.00 investment in a membership might be worth a $1000.00 trip to a conference, $350 to cover your bus tour expenses to visit colleges and universities or registration and transportation fees to attend Articulation.

Essentially, attending one OACAC event at a member rate will cover the cost of your membership.  While OACAC offers some FREE workshops throughout the year, the larger scale events will pay for themselves when you attend at the member rate.

Professional Interaction with Colleagues

Whether it is through a college fair or conference, workshop or program, OACAC will provides a wide range of opportunities to establish a strong network of colleagues to utilize as you progress in your career.  You will find OACAC to be a supportive group and network of friends that on a daily basis provides support in your professional and personal development.

Mentorship Program
Beginning in 2014/15, OACAC will launch a formal mentoring program that pairs experienced professionals in college counseling and admission with aspiring professionals in the field.  Members will gain invaluable experience as they enhance their professional and personal network, acquire practical skills and knowledge to use in their career and strive to be a leader in the field.

Membership Directory
Extensive online listing of members within the organization who can be a resource throughout the year as you counsel students on their college search, recruit them to your institution or identify ways for professional development.

OACAC College Fairs and College Fair Calendar
Members have exclusive access to a complete listing of college fairs within the state of Ohio as well as discounted rates for OACAC sponsored College Fairs.

Professional Development through Annual Conference, Articulation and GWI
The cornerstone events of the organization offer insight to recruiting and counseling students in the 21st century.  National organizations and panelists from ACT, CollegeBoard, Ohio Board of Regents, NCAA and OASFFA  provide information on trends, policy revisions, testing changing, rules updates and federal regulations at a minimal cost for members.

Quarterly newsletter designed to bring professional advice and articles on trends in college counseling and admission.  It will also include topics relevant to a variety of constituencies, highlights of conferences and professional development workshops and upcoming events.

Grant Funding for ONLY for members
If your district does not reimburse you for events, workshops, bus tours or even national conferences, then apply for a grant through OACAC.  We have been able to provide grant funding to attend local, regional and national events including the NACAC National Conference.  A $20.00 investment might be worth a $1000.00 trip to a conference or $350 to cover your bus tour expenses to visit colleges and universities.

Seminars and Workshops
Free seminars and workshops that focus on everything from writing a teacher recommendation or developing a high school profile to conducting essay writing clinics for or application workshops for college bound students.

Vote in Elections
As an OACAC member, you have the ability to voice your opinions and perspectives through elections of our executive members, organizational processes, and other topics of discussion

Job Board
Access to the complete listing of jobs posted on and discounted rates to post positions on the website.

For additional information about membership, contact:

Lavonna See, Executive Assistant

P.O. Box 959
Marysville, OH 43040
Ph: 937-642-1234