North Central Ohio Workshops

North Central Ohio Workshops

What High School Counselors Should Know about the Transfer Process

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

On Wednesday, December 9th, 24 high schools and six different colleges and universities met at Cuyahoga Community College to talk about “What high school counselors should know about the transfer process”.  The morning started with a panel discussion from a mix of public and private local colleges (JCU, CSU, Case, ONU, BW, OU) talking about the transfer process at their schools and how it is similar and different.  It was very nice to hear how many schools have written agreements with what classes transfer into a 4-year degree and how you can typically find them on the websites of the colleges.  In addition, they talked about the scholarship and financial aid opportunities for transfer students.  After the panel discussion, the high school counselors were able to go to 2 different break-out sessions of their choosing: Transfer services at Community Colleges, Two year college degrees/certificate programs and employability for graduates, student athletics at community colleges/helping student athletes transfer, how college credit plus credits apply to four year college/university degrees and student life/activities/leadership at the Community College.  Counselors walked away from this 3 hour professional development opportunity with more knowledge about the transfer process but also how community colleges provide services to help students get involved and transfer into a 4-year program.


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