Election of Officers and Delegates

Candace Boeninger

Candidate President-Elect 2015 – 2016 (3-year term)

Candace J. Boeninger serves as assistant vice provost for enrollment management and director of Undergraduate Admissions at Ohio University in Athens. Prior to assuming her current position, Candace held roles focusing on recruitment and admission communication, technical operations, and transfer. She is actively involved in several professional organizations and has presented at state, regional, and national meetings, including OACAC and NACAC annual conferences. She has served OACAC on the Admission Practices committee for most of her career at Ohio University and assumed the Chair position of that group in 2012. Candace served on the Admissions Middle Management Institute faculty at the NACAC national conference in Indianapolis in 2014. She is excited about the opportunity to assume a leadership role within OACAC at a time when so much state and national attention is focused on college access and the work we do together. She is encouraged by state and national efforts to think critically about membership and opportunities for service, especially as they relate to students historically underrepresented in higher education, transfer populations, and nontraditional students. She looks forward to collaborating with OACAC leadership and membership at large to improve service to all constituents that the affiliate organization can serve. She earned a bachelor’s degree in English and Spanish with secondary education certification at Samford University (AL) and a master’s in English from the University of Tennessee. Before joining OHIO in 2002, she worked in the software industry. She resides in Athens with her husband, who is a university librarian, and their four young boys.


Members may also write in Candidate President-Elect 2105-2016



Secretary Candidate 2015-2016 (1-year term)

Kelly Diamond currently serves as an Assistant Director of Enrollment at John Carroll University. In her career in admissions, she’s spent the past four years at John Carroll and two years at The University of Akron. Kelly graduated from Baldwin Wallace University with a BA in Public Relations and Marketing in 2009 and then earned her MA in Higher Education Administration from The University of Akron in 2011.

Kelly’s recruitment experience includes the management of her territory where she is the contact for both admission and financial aid. Throughout her career, Kelly has held many leadership positions within her experience at John Carroll University and in the community. At JCU she conducts admission review, offers financial aid counseling, supervises a student call center, created and manages a high school counselor advisory board, and leads JCU students on service projects. In the community, Kelly often conducts outreach presentations and is involved in the “College Now” mentoring program.

Kelly has been a member of OACAC since 2009 and regularly attends the annual conference. She also served as a committee member and presenter for the OACAC Summer Institute conference in 2010, 2011, 2013, and 2014. Kelly is passionate about her career in admissions and is looking forward to taking on more leadership opportunities. She is interested in being elected as OACAC secretary to further contribute to a cause and organization that she admires, respects, and has taught her so much. She intends to use her passion and organizational skills to contribute to a team that makes a difference in college counseling and in student’s lives.


Dan Yeatts

Secretary Candidate 2015-2016 (1-year term)

 Dan Yeatts:  I began working in Admissions at Hocking College in September of 2007.  As we all know, September is a crazy month to take your first job in Admissions. In the first three weeks, I called high schools and scheduled visits, attended Articulation at OSU, and embarked on my first travel season in the Cleveland area, where I lived Monday through Friday for the ensuing three months. I made it through my first travel season and was fortunate enough to attend the OACAC conference the following April.  OACAC kept me engaged and energized through my first stressful year in Admissions. The people I met and the lessons I learned in that year made me realize the importance of OACAC and the community of professionals involved in the organization. I decided to go all-in with OACAC in my second year and joined the Conference Committee as Chair of the Golf Outing and Co-Chair of the Program Committee several years later.  I was elected Secretary in 2012 and continued my service on the OACAC board via the role of Two-Year College Liaison.  I have cherished my time serving on the OACAC board, and I would be honored to have the opportunity to continue my service as your 2015 Secretary.  I know what direction this organization is going, and I look forward to being a part of its continued success.


Delegates to NACAC 3-year term 2016, 2017, 2018


Must be both an OACAC and NACAC member to vote for delegates. VOTE FOR TWO.


 Dan Pohl:  I have worked in higher education administration for 33 years, most of which has been in Admissions, including the last 16 years at The Ohio State University.  I have always enjoyed the pride and satisfaction of helping first-generation and Appalachian students and families through the admissions process, and connecting them to university experiences that will lead to their future success.  I earned my Bachelors degree from Otterbein College in 1981 (it is Otterbein University now), and my Masters degree in Interpersonal Communication from Miami University in 1988.  Early in my career, I served many years as a presenter and steering committee member for OACAC’s Summer Institute, and more recently have presented at the NACAC Conference in Pittsburgh, and for the last few years, served as the Evaluations Chairman for the OACAC Annual Conference.  I believe my experience and knowledge in the field of Admissions, along with my contacts throughout colleges and high schools in Ohio, will help me serve OACAC well as a Delegate.  I am excited to participate and learn about issues on a national level, and plan to be easily accessible to OACAC members to hear their views and represent them at NACAC.


Rebecca Riedy

Rebecca Reidy:  I have been a member of OACAC since 2005.  As a former admission counselor at Saint Louis University, I have attended many OACAC college fairs and conferences for professional development. My involvement in OACAC has been through attending the programs and professional development opportunities that are offered and attending the meetings during the OACAC and NACAC conferences.

I have been a member of NACAC since 2005 and have been to four NACAC conferences in my time as a member.  During my time, I have been a member as both a college admission counselor and a high school counselor/college counselor.  I have participated in multiple NACAC fairs both as a volunteer and admission counselor, in addition to helping plan the Cleveland National Fair for the past four years.  In addition, I served on the Current Trends NACAC Committee from 2011-2013.

Currently serving on the Ithaca College Counselor Advisory Board where I work with Ithaca College on giving them feedback and suggestions on their admission policies and marketing techniques.  For the NACAC organization, I was selected to be a part of the current trends committee where we spent a lot of time talking about the different issues in admission on both the college and high school side.  This experience really helped me see how to take current issues and put forth suggestions to the NACAC organization on how to improve them moving forward.  We focused mainly on the retention of admission counselors and helping high school counselors have more opportunities for professional development while guiding their students through the college process; especially in terms of all the technological advances in the college application process.  This year, I am serving on the Cleveland NACAC Fair planning committee as the “college fair sessions” organizer.  In addition, I am a very active member of the Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership organization (HOBY) for the past 11 years, at the local and national level.

As a student studying music education from  Xavier University (OH) 11 years ago, I remember not knowing where my life would take me after walking across the stage at graduation. But through all of my work in admission, alumni and student life during my time as a student at Xavier I began falling in love with the field of higher education.  Now, I have had the privilege to work as an admission counselor and regional recruiter for Saint Louis University (MO), gain a Masters in Higher Education at Saint Louis University, be a school counselor at Saint Ursula Academy (OH) and currently work as the assistant director of college counseling at Gilmour Academy (OH) while pursuing my School Counseling Licensure at John Carroll University (OH).  Through all of the college fairs, travel, recommendation letter reading and writing and meetings with families and students; I am thankful for organizations like OACAC and NACAC for giving me the tools I need to be successful in this career path through their many professional development opportunities.  As a delegate for the OACAC organization, I hope to be a sounding board for other members while helping them with answers to questions, support for a decision that has to be made, giving ideas for solving dilemma’s and be a listening ear to whatever they need.  I am committed to our profession at both the college and high school level and would greatly appreciate the opportunity to continue the valuable work we do at the next level.  My experiences on both the college and high school side have allowed me to improve my interaction with students, parents and colleagues and as a delegate member, I want to play an active role in shaping the future of the college counseling field in the face of many obstacles within the state of higher education.  As a delegate for OACAC, I promise to be an advocate for not only our students but for you as a member of the OACAC organization at the national level.

Tom Woodford

Tom Woodford is a 1990 graduate from Ohio University with a bachelors in Elementary Education.  In 1998, he graduated from the University of Dayton with a Masters in School Counseling.  He currently is the College Counselor/College Credit Plus Contact for Hilliard City Schools.  He is the Secondary School Board Member of the Ohio Alliance of Dual Enrollment Partnerships, (OADEP).

I look forward to being a part of OACAC.  The relationships between high school counselors and college admissions representatives are extremely important.  I hope to continue to build these relationships with more universities across the country that would benefit the students of Hilliard.

Historically, I attend local conferences and Articulation meetings in the fall.