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Virtual College Exploration


for Ohio students and counselors
presented by OACAC and StriveScan

Registration for the Virtual College Exploration panels and information sessions are now live! 

The goal of the Virtual College Exploration program is to provide *students with a wealth of college search information, allow them to browse and learn about different colleges, and ask questions of admissions counselors, all in a safe, flexible, online format.

The program will consist of college knowledge sessions on topics such as finding a college that fits, choosing a major, tips for writing a college essay, and more, presented by OACAC member institutions. The program will also feature information sessions from a variety of colleges and universities.

NOTE: These current opportunities are open only to non-profit two and four year colleges and universities. Please take care in reading and do not register if your institution or organization is a for-profit/proprietary one.  Refund policy:  Working in partnership with StriveScan, OACAC has agreed that all paid fees are not refundable. Please do not register if your institution or organization is not eligible to do so.

$175 per presentation – Please review information and register at the links below. 

Register for Panel Presentations

$350 per session – Please review information and register at the link below.

Register for Info Session I

Register for Info Session II

*Student registration opens August 14th.

Find the answers to all your questions, the timeline and more view the OACAC – StriveScan webinar here.  A pdf to the slides used in the webinar are located here.   Still have questions? 

Here’s who to contact via email:

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